Estrella Damm

“This beer is the jewel in the crown of Damm’s century-long beer-brewing experience. Since 1876, when Alsatian August Kuentzmann Damm founded the company bearing his name, numerous generations of master brewers have perfected this lager until it has become a landmark in the world of beers. This lager beer with a universally appreciated character and taste is ideal for drinking at any time. Its high quality is due to the finest selection of raw materials and the meticulous brewing process. It stands out for its creamy hops-flavoured froth and refreshing taste.”

Estrella (= “star” both in Catalan and Spanish) Damm is one of the most popular beers in Spain, especially in its homeland, Cataluña, where it remains the market leader.

“Formentera” and the Mediterranean way of life.

During summer 2009 the spot “Formentera” hit the Spanish TV (and youtube). It was the first in a series for Damm’s “Mediterraneamente”-called campaign. A catchy song, “Summercat” by “Billie the Vision and the dancers”, and the paradisiacal island of Formentera  were the backdrop for the story of a young man arriving to the island with nothing else than his backpack and a map.  Fortunately, he will quickly meet two stunning beauties (una “rubia” y una “morena”) willing to guide him over the island.

The spot has the allure of a short film, with a clearly structured script and strongly charismatic characters, and with a solid work in the production. The tone is fresh and the humor soakes all the scenes. Even if Damm faced a high tisk of falling in vulgar summer clichés (parties, hangovers…) the film is elegantly and beautifully shot. Everything is acucrately measured. Estrella Damm -as a brand- appears in almost every scene with an elegant discretion. Everything is pleasant, like a summer in the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean way of life is all about sun and colors, scents and flavors, about nature, friendship and exchange.

“Formentera”, a successful marketing campaign

> In spite of Spanish crisis, sales increased 9,5% that summer in comparison to the same period the year before.

> According to Nielsen, beer market increased 8,5% in Spain. Estrella Damm increased by 12,8% that year.

> More than 3Million views on youtube

> According to Burston Marstaller, the press and media financial value (articles, news and mentions) overcomed the 3Million € !!

> The song “Summercat” was downloaded 2Million times

> Formentera increased its hotel occupancy rate (from 80% in 2008 to 92% in 2009).

> Some of the top searches on google related to the campaign were: “Quiero pasar un verano como el de los anuncios de Damm” (“I want to spend a summer like the one in the Estrella Damm spot”) or “Yo me he enamorado de la morena del anuncio de Estrella Damm” (“I felt in love with the brunette appearing in the Estrella Damm spot). – So do I.

Mediterraneamente, 2010, 2011, 2012

“Formentera” was such a success than the formula was repeated annually since then: