“Parity had invaded all elements of the marketing mix: price, design, quality, distribution, service, you name it. Excellence had become ubiquitous. Communications focused on performance, benefits, attributes. I saw growth curves becoming incremental; premiums eroding; products which were irreplaceable—  but not irresistible. Technology had melted the event horizon and “new” had become “now”; consumer choices were becoming instantaneous, instinctive, intuitive. Above all, I saw that brands were serving corporations, the makers and marketers, and not consumers, the choosers and users. The question that formed in my mind was: “what comes after brands?” The theory was: ask a big enough question, and you might get a big enough answer.

In my years working with traders, retailers, in stores and souks, and directly with consumers, I had always felt the emotional qualities of a relationship were paramount. Trust and respect are essential but not enough; factors that we were to discover as mystery, sensuality, and intimacy are at the heart of emotional connections.

And so Lovemarks was born.”

“Today it is about creating “priceless value” by answering the single question consumers have on their lips: “How are you going to improve my life?” Lovemarks helps us frame the conversations we have and the solutions we offer.”
“Lovemarks is a journey that continues to evolve, especially as social media and the participation economy grows into the fabric of every society. I believe that the role of business is to make the world a better place for veryone. Lovemarks is an idea that takes us further by creating brands that give purpose and sustenance to the life of business, and to the business of life.”
Kevin Roberts
Foreword for Loveworks by Brian Shehan