With 6 nominations for the Oscar Academy Awards, including Best Picture (see the full list here), Spotlight has been received very positively, specially by critics.

Spotlight, academically directed by Tom McCarthy, and featuring well-known faces such as Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo, retraces the 2001 investigation by a Boston Globe team of journalists that exposed the Catholic Church’s code of silence concerning child abuse.

The drama adopts a realistic and aseptic tone and states a clear effort to achieve an unbiased perspective. This neutral point of view helps to brighten the eloquence of the facts revealed by the investigation and which scroll in front of our eyes during the length of the film. McCarty cleverly uses journalism investigation both as a topic and a method to tell the story. His purpose is to depict the magnitude of a phenomenon without appealing to drama and pathos exaggeration… In fact, he doesn’t need it: the facts seem so overwhelming that the message transcends automatically.

Despite all this “scientific” storytelling and this lack of dramatization, Spotlight traps the viewer into a thrilling investigation. McCarthy masters the timing in the narration and relays on the inherent power of the scandal he is denouncing.

Highly recommended!